Guests staying at Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort are asked to donate voluntarily USD $3 per room per night spent at the resort.  Your voluntary donation supports Tabacon's Community Fund.

Tabacon's Community Fund is focused mainly on the Children and the Natural Resources of La Fortuna Region, funds provide educational opportunities to children of all ages and also pursues to protect our natural environment.

We work closely with community leaders, the Municipality and important government institutions such as the Education Ministry to properly channel the funds to maximize the social impact in the local population. Your generous contributions help orphanages, low income families, remote schools and other programs aimed at improving the lives of the children of La Fortuna.

Protecting the region's natural resources is an important component of Tabacon's Community Outreach Fund.  We currently support two Foundations that work locally in protected areas: Fundevolca whose mission is to protect and enhance the Arenal Volcano National Park, and the Fundación Biosfera de Agua y Paz (Biosphere of Water and Peace).  Tabacon serves as a founding member of this initiative that aims to protect the natural resources and supports sustainable programs in the Northern Region of Costa Rica, specifically in the area marked as the Biosphere of Water and Peace.

In March 2012, Tabacon entered into an agreement with the Fortuna Community Leaders and the town's Association for Development (Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de La Fortuna - Adifort), and the Israeli Water Management Experts of Palgey Maim to design a Waste Water Treatment System for all inhabitants of La Fortuna and Zeta Trece.  The main thrust of this ambitious plan is to turn La Fortuna into the first rural area of Costa Rica that processes 100% of its waste waters, thus cleaning the Burio River. 

The fund has paid for products donated to local schools as uniforms, shoes, books, notebooks, pencils, computers and its accessories, air conditioning, paint and bicycles for children`s transportation to school. We also have supported people with special needs for example wheel chair, prosthesis, clothes, food and support to organizations and events of social development.

Our efforts to improve the educational level and raise the living conditions for student community at Z-13 school, a rural area school, have helped transform the institution into an Experimental Bilingual School, a high distinction for this under privileged area.

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