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Due to the Covid-19 worldwide situation our services will continue temporary suspended until September 30, with a tentative re-opening date on October 01, 2020.

Contact us at to get more infomation about amazing packages and special deals that will be available for the re-opening. Thank you for your understanding and support; we look forward to welcoming you again soon.




Tabacon’s commitment to the environment is expanding…

This year Tabacon has implemented several projects to reduce single use plastics, reinforcing our commitment to the environment and efficient use of resources.

Time flies, especially when you’re on vacation. You seek to make the most of your time and when you realize … some things in your agenda were left undone! In Tabacón we want to remove from your shoulders the burden of planning so you could leave time to let yourself be surprised by something you did not plan in detail.

By the concept of Ephemeral Table with want you and your five senses to be completely envolved in a culinary experience far away from the ordinary where there will be no glass or wall separating  you from the kitchen, you will have front row seats where you can see and smell the preparation of your dishes and why not, interact with the chef who will be leading the preparation of your special menu.

The stage will take place in the heart of the forest, specifically in a private bungalow exclusively for you and your companions. In this magical set an exclusive a chef will be responsible of making a 6 course menu selection base on yours and your companions food preferences and restrictions. The perfect atmosphere to enjoy the vibrancy of the kitchen while dining in a private enclave!

For our Executive Chef Guillermo Manolo Castillo the concept of Ephemeral Table arose from the need to create a proposal that broke with the traditional idea of knowing what the person is going to eat, so that a paring between food and drink can be provided without people knowing exactly the dishes that will come to their table and  creating those dishes respecting their dietary preferences.


This service is available at 17:30 and 20:00 p.m., with a duration of two hours. If you are interested in booking come close to our Concierge Desk and prepare to live a multisensorial experience in the middle of the jungle.