Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort

Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort is located in La Fortuna de San Carlos, in the middle of the rainforest at the Arenal Volcano National Park

Coming from the International Airport in San José (or from Down Town):
We recommend you to take the shortest and most scenic route, passing through the small town of San Ramón de Alajuela, approximately 150 kilometers from the capital. The trip from San Jose to Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Resort takes approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours. We recommend driving during the morning or early afternoon, before darkness, as you could run into thick fog in the late afternoon and after sundown, especially during the green season (May-December).

GPS Coordinates 10°28’43.18″N y 84°44´07.62″ O.

If you need assistance, please call the hotel’s front desk directly at 2479-2000

       Driving instructions

  • Take the Inter-American Highway North (it will pass the Juan Santamaría Airport) until you reach San Ramón (approximately 56 km from the Airport). The entrance is on the right-hand side of the highway and you will see a road sign for Tabacón Resort and another for Arenal Volcano.
  • Turn toward San Ramón and continue straight on the main road until it hits the main avenue cutting through the city. Turn left and continue two blocks to the San Ramón Hospital. There you will see another Tabacón Resort sign telling you to turn right, following the road to La Fortuna town. Along the way, you will come across two more signs for Tabacón Resort and others for Arenal Volcano.
  • Follow the signs to La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano. You will pass through a number of small towns, such as Los Angeles, Balsa and then Bajo de Los Rodríguez, where you will come to a toll-booth (payment optional) in the middle of two roads. At this toll booth turns to the right. Continue through to the town of Santa Clara, crossing over a small metal bridge to reach it, and then turn to the left when you reach a small square. Then, you will drive through a few more towns such as El Tanque (19 km before get to the property) until you get to La Fortuna town. This section is approximately 44 km.
  • Once in La Fortuna, follow the signs to Tabacón Resort, about 11 km from the town center.