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There are thousands of spas around the world, and some aim to be the most luxurious and sophisticated. Our approach to spa life at Tabacon is simple: bring nature into your spa experience. Rather than immersing you in an environment surrounded by four walls, we give you a spa experience with the outdoors in full view in open-air bungalows set among our lush gardens, with the tropical rain forest, hot springs and volcano as background. While you can request to have music played within the bungalows, we invite you to experience the relaxation of enjoying an expert therapy to the sounds of the river, the Arenal Volcano, wildlife and, yes, even the rain.

The Tabacon Grand Spa Experience starts with the natural hydrotherapy provided by the hot springs and waterfalls, naturally heated and fed by the Arenal Volcano. The minerals dissolved in our springs are known to relax and heal, giving you an unusual and beneficial experience. In our relaxation area, you’ll find a co-ed Jacuzzi pool and rest areas. You can enjoy tea and smoothies before you set off for an individual or couples’ treatment. The open-air bungalows come in various sizes, some designed for one person other for two persons. Each bungalow has an open-air Jacuzzi with water from the thermal mineral spring water, and is complemented by outside whirlpools and streams.

Our award-winning Grand Spa joined the Leading Spas of the World in 2007, quickly rising to the top of spa rankings worldwide and named one of the “best mineral spas” and “eco-spas” in the world.


We feel that the Costa Rica Spa experience is an integral part of your visit at Tabacon. Our therapies perfectly complement any adventure activity in the Arenal Volcano Region, from strenuous hikes in the rainforest, to hard paddling while rafting the white-water rivers of the area. Waterfall rappelling and zip lining also introduce an adrenaline rush and muscle tension which can be best relieved in our mineral hot springs and through massage.

The Grand Spa‘s master therapists have created a menu of treatments that range from body massages to exfoliations and wraps. We invite you to try some of the local specialties like volcanic mud wraps and exfoliations with coffee or coconut.  Our facials and skin treatments will put the finishing touches on adventure- filled yet relaxing Costa Rica Spa vacations.

For reservations at the Grand Spa, call ++506-2479-2028 or ++506-24792027 or email us at Plan and book your Spa Vacation at the luxury filled and eco-friendly spa in Arenal Volcano Region.