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Experiencing the essence of nature


Discover Costa Rica´s largest network of naturally flowing thermal mineral springs in Arenal’s largest and most beautiful private, rainforest reserve.
Tabacon is flanked by the beautiful Arenal Volcano at one end and the Arenal Volcano National Park on the other. The road here literally takes you to the heard of the jungle, so expect the sounds and sights of the native flora and fauna to flood your senses. This is where the thermal experience begins.

There are five main springs source highly mineralized water that is heated underground by the Arenal Volcano’s magma. Thousands of gallons of this perfect water naturally emanate every minute. The thermal water flows throughout the resort, forming the Tabacon River. You will find dozens of cascading waterfalls and warm pools along the riverbed, of varying temperatures, water flows and degree of privacy.

Many hot springs destinations in the Arenal Volcano Region and around the world drill wells and rely on pumps and mechanical systems to fill their pools. Others re-circulate and/or re-heat their supposed “thermal” waters, by means of gas boilers and other heating methods. All of Tabacon’s water has always been and will always be true, thermal water, naturally heated by the volcano and slowly mineralized, underground.

An essential part of exploring the wondrous world of the Tabacon Hot Springs is soaking in the cascading thermal waterfalls. This natural hydrotherapy is a surefire way to achieve proper relaxation. Guests tend to thoroughly enjoy exploring the numerous river pools, with their varying temperatures and water flows.

Some pools are vast and calm, others are small and afford privacy for those wishing to disappear in a secluded nook. And it’s not all hot; for those requiring a refreshing dunk, Tabacon offers a cold-water pool, just a couple of minutes by foot, into the dense rainforest. The main sunbathing and swimming area features five pools, a swim-up bar, and the thermal water slide.

The river-pool temperatures range from 72 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Tabacon’s water has been blessed with the perfect combination of high volume and a medicinal mineral content. Also worth noting is that sulfur content is low, which means that the water is free of strong and undesirable odors.

During their stay, Tabacon overnight guests receive complimentary and unlimited access to the thermal river and its pools. Our hotel guests also receive exclusive access to Shangri-La Gardens, our adults-only hideaway.

Live the Experience

Every room reservation comes with complimentary entrance to our hot springs resort.
Exclusive access to Shangri-La Gardens is included for hotel guests over 18 years of age.