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Our Spa Philosophy


The Spa at Tabacon is not your typical hotel spa. Memorable spa treatments are rendered in outdoors bungalows tucked away among the trees, gardens and natural hot springs. The setting offers complete privacy, which key in order to achieve the desired state of peace and balance.

The rainforest setting helps our spa guests recall the splendor and serenity of the natural surroundings.

Each treatment is preceded by Tabacon’s signature spa ritual, which starts in our beautifully designed, award-winning open-air resting area. Your pre-treatment preparation includes a dip in the hot spring fed Hot Tub…remember: none of the water at Tabacon is artificially heated, chemically treated, or recirculated.

Tabacon’s open-air spa bungalows are designed for individual or couple’s therapies. In these cozy bungalows, you are sheltered by a palm thatched roof and caña brava, a local wild shrub similar to bamboo. The structure and floor are made of very special, local hardwoods.

They are designed to allow the fresh air and scents of the rainforest become an essential part of each and every treatment. And even more significant are the spectacular sounds of the hot springs, blending perfectly with the ubiquitous sounds of wildlife.

The spa experience at Tabacon offers what is truly the most perfect match between spa design and nature.

All bungalows have a thermal spring-fed tub for two that allow you to soak in river fed thermomineral water, al fresco, in the heart of the rainforest. Hence, many guests choose to extend their treatment so as to enjoy the outdoor balneotherapy.


Spa Treatments


At The Spa at Tabacon, we blend natural rainforest elements with indigenous ingredients to create a special wellness experience.

Our wide variety of services offered for individuals, couples and families, help guests restore balance and bring peace to their mind, body and spirit. Whether it’s soaking in the only natural hot springs in Arenal or relaxing in the shade of a private open-air spa bungalow, you are guaranteed to connect with nature.

Tabacon spa menu includes signature treatments, body massages, facials, beauty touches and hot springs enhancements.

Wet and dry treatments take advantage of the distinctive location of Arenal Volcano and the tropical surroundings. Each detail of your wellness adventure has been created so as to evoke serenity and tranquility.

Every spa treatment is preceded by a Tabacon signature spa ritual promoting a state of complete relaxation.

Treatments are tailored to your individualized needs; our highly–trained and carefully selected therapists are committed to delivering a dedicated and personalized service.

Spa Experience




Tabacon is a place where you can easily escape the everyday routine for a true wellness experience.

Pamper yourself with a spa treatment; spend time with your soul-mate taking pleasure in one of our couple’s spa packages; treat your muscles, lungs and soul to a yoga session in our open air studio; jumpstart your day in our fitness center; delight your senses with fresh and tasty local food; visit the Arenal Volcano National Park; explore Costa Rica’s top region for adventure and nature, embarking in one of many adventure tours.

At the end of the day, return to Tabacon and bask in our thermal experience. Soaking in the healing waters while you are surrounded by stunning scenery is the perfect close for a day of adventure. Mindfulness and self-discovery are integral part of a true well-being experience. Having such experience during your Costa Rica Vacations could easily and permanently improve your lifestyle. At Tabacon, we rejoice in being able to offer that to our guests.


Spa Etiquette


Please review these simple recommendations conceived to enhance your experience and make your visit a relaxing, comfortable and memorable one.

  • Book in advance: In order to avoid disappointments, book your spa treatments well in advance of your scheduled visit. Our reservations and guest services staff are knowledgeable with regard to all spa therapies. They will be happy to assist you with any questions.
  • Medical Conditions: Please advise The Spa of any medical condition before booking your treatment. If you have recently had cancer, surgery, are pregnant or have problems with circulation, blood pressure, heart disease or deep vein thrombosis, please consult your physician before receiving a spa treatment. Once you arrive to The Spa at Tabacon, and before your spa treatment, we ask that you please complete the provided medical form. If you have booked a facial, please inform your therapist if you wear contact lenses.
  • Be kind to your skin: Sunbathing, waxing or shaving can all increase your skin’s sensitivity and could affect the enjoyment of your spa treatment. Avoid direct exposure to the sun and allow at least 24 hours after waxing before your spa appointment.
  • Plan ahead: Avoid excess alcohol consumption on the day of your appointment and refrain from eating for at least an hour before a treatment. Remove all jewelry and store it in a safe deposit box available in the locker room area. Leave your mobile phone in your room or turn it off while in the spa. For the benefit of our guests, we prefer to have our spa area free of electronic mobile devices.
  • Punctuality: Arrive to the spa at least 30 minutes before your appointment to allow time to change, shower and use the thermal tub. Warming your muscles prior to a treatment can greatly improve its benefits. After your treatments, you are encouraged to stay a while in the relaxation area. This is the ideal setting to finalize the treatment procedure.
  • Therapists: if you enjoyed a treatment performed by a particular therapist, feel free to request that person for your next appointment.
  • To disrobe or not to disrobe: The Spa provides robes and slippers for your convenience. Spa-going is an intimate experience and it is important that you feel relaxed and comfortable at all times. Nudity during a treatment is perfectly acceptable in most spas, and disposable underwear is available for use during body treatments. If you do decide to go au naturel for a treatment, you will be modestly covered with towels. If you prefer wearing a swimsuit during a treatment, please be sure that its materials can withstand exposure to oils, mud, or creams. The therapist will gladly leave the room to ensure your privacy at any point during the treatment, upon request. Swimsuits are required if you plan to use the hot tub in our relaxation area.
  • Communicate: If the music, level of light, temperature or pressure of the massage is not quite as you would like, please tell your therapist. For most of us, the sound of nature is a more appropriate listening option, compared to man-made music. Feel free to ask questions. Some people prefer to remain silent. Others drift-off and fall sleep.
  • Photographs or video are not allowed in the spa area.
  • Children Policy: children under 12 years of age are not permitted in the Spa.