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Tabacon Green Plant a Tree Program


The big celebrity Will Smith supported Tabacon’s plant a tree program…
Tabacon has developed various programs and sustainable tourism practices to take care of the environment.

We have implemented an ongoing program of planting trees to minimize the carbon footprint of guests and employees.More than 3000 trees have been planted thus far . Over 50% of the more than 872 acres total land owned by the company is under protection as secondary rainforest. It is undeniable that today we are experiencing a period of “regeneration” where people of all ages around the world want to support the improvement of the earth we all share.


That’s why the famous actor Will Smith that visited us decided to make the difference and planted a tree, to let the world know that everybody can help even with a simple decision, and those decisions can change our environment.


If you want to see a change, be the change!!!

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