Since the beginning of the property´s operation, Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort incorporated Social and Environment Responsibility as a Philosophy of Business, to assure its commitment with the Sustainable Tourism.

Tabacon has implemented during several years significant efforts to incorporate into our daily processes sustainable practices. We have designed and developed plans, programs and actions to improve the quality of all services preserving the natural treasures and resources available in our 872 acres property.

Back in 2011 Tabacon got a fourth level CST Certification; the Sustainable Tourism Certification given by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute to those companies with responsible practices in harmony with the environment.

Our Carbon Neutral Program started on 2008 based on Tabacon’s management and staff members commitment to meet Costa Rica’s goal of becoming the World’s first carbon neutral country by 2021.  Tabacon became the first carbon neutral certified luxury hotel in the country.

Please visit our Carbon Neutral section to learn about our practices and achievements such as a letter from the Ministry of Environment in which it verifies that Tabacon has complied with all requirements that the Costa Rica Government mandates for a C-Neutral certification, on May 2009.

The summary of several of our projects features: Rainforest & Garden areas: 100% of our natural areas are managed with sustainable practices by the utilization of organic compost produced in house. In addition, we have programs for gathering botanical information about flora in our gardens and tagging different species.

Flora and fauna protection: we protect and remain more than 750 acres of own reservation area, with more than 1200 native trees added through our reforestation program. 

Water conservation: our rooms have low-flow showers with reduced water consumption, automatic closings of sanitary services installed (urinals), Water conservation campaigns are promoted for our guest and our employees. We also protect our freshwater mineral springs against pollution. All the hot water used at the hotel comes from the thermal hot springs and requires no additional energy or heating mechanisms. 

Wastewater treatment: we have a wastewater treatment plant that processes all of our refuse waters. 

Electricity Usage Reduction: in order to reduce our electric consumption, we have implemented procedures and technologies such as the use of fluorescent lighting, photo voltaic cells in our gardens and paths, and timers for general lighting. We have developed an energy savings program for all administrative areas both on site and in our San Jose offices. 

Purchasing Programs most of the products purchased for maintenance and guest consumption are innocuous to the environment, biodegradable, recyclable and/or reusable. 

Waste management: less than 20 % of the total solid waste is sent to the municipal collection center as we encourage our guest and employees to recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and glass by using the special containers found in the general areas. We also practice the 3 R’s: reuse, reduce and recycle. Organic waste is supplied to local farmers to be used in live stock feed. 

Communication program: we have an integrated program of information, education and motivation to guests and employees about environmental and cultural aspects. We encourage visits to National Parks and other natural sites in the community and the region.